Sony @ E3 2014 PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita

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Sony @ E3 2014

by Nighthawk » Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:57 am

Sony @ E3 2014


Watch Sony's Entire Media Briefing at E3 2014

Network & Hardware Announcements
- Youtube is coming to PlayStation 4 later this year, allowing you to instantly share footage captured using the PS4 on your Youtube channel
- PlayStation Now will be available as Open Beta starting July 31 in US and Canada on PlayStation 4, with other regions and platforms soon to follow
- PlayStation TV is coming to the US later this year, allowing you to stream games using the device and your TV, with over 1000 games available at launch, at the price of $99
- POWERS TV Show will première this December, with the first episode available for free for all PlayStation users, and the entire series available to PS+ Subscribers at no additional cost
- Ratchet & Clank The Movie will première in theatres in 2015
Gaming Deals & Exclusives
- Diablo III The Reaper of Souls will receive an exclusive DLC starring The Last of Us creatures
- Disney Infinity on PlayStation 4 will have an exclusive Hulk character level
- Infamous Second Son will receive a standalone DLC entitled First Light on August 2014
- Destiny will launch with an exclusive PlayStation 4 bundle including a white PS4, a white Dualshock 4 controller, 500GB of internal storage space, the game and 30 days of PlayStation+ subscription

- Beta for PlayStation will start July 17th
- PlayStation 4 users can sign up for an exclusive demo in the game's closed alpha on June 12th
- It will be available first on PlayStation, with exclusive content
The Order 1886
- New Trailer

- Available now for PS4 exclusively on the PlayStation Store for $9.99
- PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions coming soon
Infamous Second Son - First Light
- Does not require the base game to play
- Available August 2014

Little Big Planet 3
- Announced with a trailer
- On-stage Gameplay
- 3 New characters: Oddsack, Toggle & Swoop
- Available November 2014
- All Little Big Planet & Little Big Planet 2 user-generated maps will work on PS4 with improved graphics
- Announced with a trailer
- Coming 2015

Far Cry 4
- Gameplay Trailer
- Exclusively on PlayStation 4, you can invite friends into your game even if they do not own a copy of the game
Dead Island 2
- Announced with a trailer
- Exclusive content on PlayStation 4

Battlefield Hardline
- New Trailer

Magicka 2
- Announced as a console PlayStation 4 exclusive with a trailer

Grim Fandango
- Announced as an exclusive coming to PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita
Let it Die
- Announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive with a trailer

Devolver Digital Indies
- Broforce (PSVita & PS4)
- Titan Souls (PSVita & PS4)
- Not a Hero (PSVita & PS4)
- Hotline Miami 2 - Wrong Number (PSVita, PS4, PS3)
- The Talos Principle (PS4)

Free to Play
- Over 20 F2P Games coming to the PlayStation 4 in the upcoming 12 months including: Kingdom Under Fire 2, Guns Up, Planetside 2, Fat Princess - Piece of Cake, Big Fest, Destiny of Spirits, Singing Monsters, Pain, Loadout & Warthunder

- Announced with a trailer
- Exclusive console debut on PlayStation 4
No Man's Sky
- New Trailer

Mortal Kombat X
- New Gameplay Trailer
The Last of Us Remastered
- New Trailer

Metal Gear Solid V - The Phantom Pain
- New Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V
- Announced for PlayStation 4 with a new trailer
- PlayStation 4 owners will be able to transfer their online characters from the PS3 & XBOX360 versions of the game

Batman Arkham Knight
- New Gameplay Trailer
- Exclusive PlayStation Scarecrow Nightmare Missions
Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End
- New Trailer
- Coming 2015

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