[Guide] Let's Golf 3D Hidden Medals Locations

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[Guide] Let's Golf 3D Hidden Medals Locations

by Nighthawk » Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:01 am

England Course:

Hole 7 - Right bunker on this par 3.
Hole 12 - Look to the left fairway, relatively short.
Hole 14 - Short right on a par 3 in the rough.

Kenya Course:

Hole 7 - Around 175 yards from the tee - short of the water hazard on the right side.
Hole 10 - Far left green side bunker.
Hole 15 - By a big bunker about 60 yards short of the green.

Germany Course:

Hole 8 - End of the left fairway (hole has a split fairway)
Hole 15 - Right rough of the left (upper) fairway
Hole 17 - Just short of the fairway (above a bunker)

Greece Course:

Hole 2 - Near the front of the upper right fairway
Hole 11 - In a bunker short of the left fairway (hole has a split fairway)
Hole 18 - Right bunker of the par 3.

Mexico Course:

Hole 4 - Short left of the fairway
Hole 6 - Far right rough (near the OB about halfway down the length of the hole)
Hole 9 - Very front of the fairway (left of it since the fairway curves like a boomerang)

Greenland Course:

Hole 1 - Behind a wooden house (short right of the green)
Hole 8 - Behind a large piece of ice (just short of the water and left/short of the green)
Hole 18 - Look to the far right fairway.

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