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GD Rules & Guidelines

by Nighthawk » Mon Dec 26, 2016 11:41 am

General Rules

1. Access & Trademarks

GameDragons (c) ,, GameDragons Live are proprieties of GameDragons © 2012-2020, any illegal use of those trademarks is forbidden; make sure to check with the administrators before using the GameDragons trademarks in any ways besides those mentioned regarding content sharing and communication. By registering to GameDragons you automatically agree that you are at the age of 13 or higher according to the U.S Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Once you registered as a user over the age of 13 we are not responsible for any content that may present violence, bad language, fear or anything else included in the official PEGI rating. Usernames cannot include any special characters (#,$,%,etc) and must NOT offend any certain group of people by the use of any racial, sexist, discriminatory or pornographic character.

2. Access via Social Networks

Since 2013, content available on GameDragons can be shared using social networks such as Facebook, in addition to the ability to register and login freely on our website using Facebook connectivity. Any information obtained from your Facebook public profile by our application will be kept private as long as you chose to do so; our application connects with your profile freely only after you've given your permission to do so. Using Facebook connectivity you can easily access GameDragons with your Facebook Account, share, like and comment to our topics, but note that any information posted on your profile using the Facebook Social Plugin is not kept on our servers, so we are not responsible for the access and visibility of that information; for further information on that matter check Facebook's Privacy Policy. Registrations done using Facebook will automatically import your public name and set is as your GameDragons user account, however any information collected from your profile besides that will remain hidden and private for as long as you chose to do so.

3. Avatars

Avatars must be at least 50 x 50 pixels and can go up to 150 x 150 pixels. The size of the image is also limited to 13kb due to the huge amount of images the server has to store. Any pornographic or discriminatory images will be removed and the user will be banned from our community. You can choose any imagine you like and set it as your avatar as long as it respects our guidelines; if your image is too big to serve as you avatar, feel free to use an Online Imagine Resizer to edit your image so it can fit as an avatar.

4. Signatures

Signatures have a maximum of 255 characters allowed with the ability to include up to 5 links. Any image included in your signature must not exceed 300 x 300 pixels. As the images used in your signature are not stored on our server, there is no size limit for that. The use of flash function in your signature is disabled and same as avatars any inappropriate content will be deleted and the user may be banned from our forum. If you chose to add any text in your signature, make sure it's a decent, non-vulgar paragraph with a readable font that doesn't affect the layout of the page in any way.


1. General Posting Rules

Always try to post in the right section, if you accidentally post in the wrong section for particular reasons a moderator will move your thread or post to its rightful place, but try to check your post before you submit it. Try to stay ontopic, if you want to talk about something else, just make a new thread about it. Going offtopic for more than a couple of times and without explainable reason will be punished with infraction points. Spamming the board is punished as well with infraction points; this includes double posting, creating new threads for a topic that already has one, posting non-readable content or in any other language than english or any other false information. Always check the availability of the links and the content before you submit your post.

2. Language

The official and only language of this forum is International English, you can however chat in any other language via PM with another member of our community. We do not store or monitor information that is being sent using the Private Message feature as long as it respects our rules and guidelines. We also do not monitor comments made using the Facebook Social Plugin, as you can also publish them on your public wall, which is outside of our coverage. Try to use spacing between your sentences, especially when you post long articles; always preview how your article will look like before you publish it.

3. Insulting

We are gamers, so we do understand the need to express frustration, however addressing insults to any particular individual, member of our community or not, will be punished. We will not tolerate any content that may offend a certain group of people and/or a single individual by the use of any discriminatory/pornographic images or language. Excessive swearing/insulting towards any individual, product, service, etc. will be punished with infraction points.

4. Advertising

Advertising any website, product or service that was not approved by GameDragons Administration is strictly forbidden. This includes advertising via Post, PM, certain signatures or avatars. You can talk freely about hardware, video games or accessories pointed towards the Gaming Industry, for anything else make sure to check in with a Moderator first. You are not allowed to trade, sell or buy products on our board, gaming related or not; this is simply because we are an international community and finding someone in your area to trade your stuff with is a lot easier on local stores or online auction websites, however we do not monitor any chats about such deals with another member of our community via PM, so if you find someone willing to trade with you, feel free to do so in private.

5. Warez

We DO NOT support or allow warez or illegal materials of any kind. Make sure you always post content from certified websites that respect the Google Guidelines about Spyware, Adware, Worms, etc. Posting any content that may include cracks , hacks or illegal modifications for a certain platform, hardware or software is strictly forbidden. Links towards any of the above mentioned is equally punishable. In case you want to post a link towards a patch, mod or legal modification make sure you use the official website for that content (eg., You may post links towards other websites as long as the page you are linking to respects the rules above. However, make sure you respect the certain copyrights and guidelines of that website because you are fully responsible for the content you post and/or link to.

6. Sharing

You can freely share any topic on our board using social networks like Facebook or Twitter and also add your impressions or comments on that matter as you do so; we do monitor comments made using social networks, but try to stay on topic when you comment using your Facebook account, you can always start a new chat about something else on a different topic created especially for that matter. Make sure to check with our official Facebook page for daily updates on the hottest topics around GameDragons and finding a place where you can always stay connected with our community.

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