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[PC] Defy Gravity

by Nighthawk » Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:20 pm

Defy Gravity
Publisher: Diamond Interactive
Developer: Diamond Interactive
Genre: Platforming
Release Dates: 25 Jul, 2011 (EU & NA)
Price: 2,99€ (Steam)


Defy Gravity follows a similar road with some other platformers we've seen lately, using space as a foundation for the game, as you take control of one of the Gravitymancers who came to the Gauntlet, the ultimate test, in order to prove themselves. However, where other platformers with a similar pattern such as The Swapper manage to tell an interesting and unique story using the darkness and emptiness of space, Defy Gravity only introduces you to the Gauntlet, without actually telling you what it really is, what purpose does it serve and why would anyone risk their lives just to prove that they can get to the end.

It is quite obvious that story isn't the main focus here, but even so it's hard not to notice the missed opportunity, since The Gauntlet itself could've been filled with messages from others who tried and were defeated by The Gauntlet or pretty much anything at all to justify your desire to finish it; instead you're left with a left to right Mario-style platformer without any princess at the end.


Image 4

The gameplay is based around the use of gravity wells, which can be created using your gun, in addition to the ones that are already placed on the map and cannot be moved; using those wells properly and learning how they influence other objects is key in Defy Gravity, as almost every puzzle is based on how well you manage to use the gravity wells depending on position, as well as timing. There are two types of gravity wells: positive and negative; the positive wells will attract objects towards them, including yourself, while the negative ones will repel them, and combining those wells with your anti-gravity shield that makes you immune to all wells is what makes the gameplay unique and interesting.

The whole concept does wear out by the end of the game, as there won't be any new ideas introduced into the game later on, leaving you mostly with more bouncing objects to avoid in order to make the game harder, something that does happen once you finish the game and Hard mode is unlocked, disabling negative gravity wells and changing a few things in each level in order to make it more challenging.


Image 8.5

The first thing you will probably notice are the backgrounds, which look amazing and change from level to level, but what on the other hand, the levels themselves are designed using the same monotone, gray blocks and the only thing that differentiates them one from another is the layout of those gray blocks and the bouncing objects between them. The visual effects are basic and nothing stands out, mostly because no beam or ray of light can move your eyes away from the galaxies in the background.


Image 5

The tunes are okay, but since there is no story or momentum to what is happening, this is probably one of those titles you'll play with your own music in the background. The sound effects feel absent most times, as they are either too quiet or not in total sync with the action, but then again you probably won't need those anyway.


Image 4.5

For its 3€ price tag, Defy Gravity offers enough to justify the purchase, even if you can finish the game in less than two hours, adding 2-3 more hours to that time if you're down for the Hard mode, but if you are looking for anything extra, there is nothing more to the game than the adventure itself.

Image 7

Defy Gravity is an okay platformer if you only care about the gameplay, as it does introduce a new concept even if it only lasts for a short time, but for anything else you might expect from this game, you will probably be disappointed.

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