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[iOS/Android] Angry Birds - Rio

by Nighthawk » Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:33 am

Angry Birds Rio
Publisher: Rovio Entertainment
Developer: Rovio Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle
Release Dates: March 22, 2011 (NA & EU)
Price: 0.69£


Not long after the release of Angry Birds Seasons, Rovio realized the Angry Birds trademark became a goldmine over the night, and so a third installment in the series has arrived, with the name of Angry Birds Rio. The game exclusively follows the birds in a vacation on the forever sunny coasts of Rio, as they return to their usual object smashing job. This time around the pigs are no where to be found, but instead you fight jungle monkeys and free captive birds as you progress through the levels.

Rio isn't here to reinvent the style that made Angry Birds popular in the first place, but rather expand on it; the game is still divided into level packs, 6 released so far, and every now and then a short animation pops up to give information on how the birds got from one location to another. There's nothing new in here to revolutionize the genre, apart from the fact that you are now in Rio, and that implemented into the Angry Birds formula is still enough to make the game entertaining.

Image 8

There are a few additions in comparison to the previous titles, including a couple of new birds, new material designs and the fact that you no longer fight against pigs. While the basic gameplay is still the same, the new additions give a minor refreshment to what you're already used to in Angry Birds. There are loads of new materials including chains to tie different boxes or platforms together, and watching them crash into their self-destruction is just as fun as always.

However, even though you now have a larger inventory of materials, sometimes gravity seems absent, leaving entire pieces of wood standing on the edge of something else like they are floating; this can get irritating at times, because normally a certain piece should fall off attracted by gravity, so Rio is either respecting other laws of physics, or this title has some serious problems with the physics engine that was build for the original. The already famous golden eggs have been replaced with golden fruits, which same as before unlock bonus stages as you collect them.

Image 7.5

Rio uses the same engine and concept as the original, but for a mobile 2D game it looks more than decent and the new colorful interface is pleasing to look at. The new materials are detailed enough and those new blue birds are awesomely made. One thing that shines in particular are the backgrounds, which are pretty amazing for a game like Angry Birds, and they make a huge contribution to the overall design; without those Rio would be nothing more than a new level pack for the original game.

Image 8.5

The sound quality is basically the same, and the effects are a simple port from what there already was, with a few twists here and there to fit the new additions in the gameplay. The soundtrack on the other side has been changed, and the theme is less annoying than the one in Seasons; the background tracks while you are playing are present, but they're lowered so you probably won't notice them, which is okay cause if you started listening you'd probably notice that it's the same track over and over again.

Image 8

There are around 200 levels released so far, including the bonus levels unlocked by collecting golden fruits, and same as before with the addition of star tracking and score tracking via leaderboards this should keep you busy for a while if you're the competitive type. If you like Angry Birds, with the price of Rio as it is, you should probably get this one as well, it's a nice dose of fun on the go.

Image 9

Angry Birds Rio doesn't add that many ideas to the original concept, but who cares anyway, for only 0.69£ you get around 200 more levels; so if you're bored of the old ones, you don't have to consider Rio a new title at all, just a cheap level pack for something that was already great.

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