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[iOS/Android] Angry Birds - Star Wars

by Nighthawk » Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:37 am

Angry Birds Star Wars
Publisher: Rovio Entertainment
Developer: Rovio Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle
Release Dates: November 8, 2012 (NA & EU)
Price: 0.99£


After the release of Angry Birds Space a while back, Angry Birds Star Wars pops up in the scene as a fifth installment in the Angry Birds franchise. This new title is set to combine elements from the original game and the previously released Angry Birds Space and mix them all with characters from Star Wars. If you like Angry Birds, it's cool, this game extends on the concepts made popular by the previously titles, combining the beautiful backgrounds with the gravity effect, massive structure destruction and so on.

If you like Star Wars as well, you're gonna have a great time playing this one; every bird has been redesigned to look like characters from Star Wars, from Luke to Vader and Yoda they're all present here in a way or another. While the story concept remains the same as before, the fact that birds are now equipped with lightsabers and pigs are dressed as storm troopers will make this an enjoyable experience for any Star Wars fan out there. Every storyside detail is presented via animations, and while it's okay to see a picture of Luke fighting Darth Vader between levels, I wouldn't mind a few changes to the story-telling formula in Angry Birds, especially cause this had a huge potential to develop stories with the roaster of the Star Wars Universe.

Image 8

If you loved the new concepts introduced into Angry Birds Space, there is even more of that, combined with designs from previous titles and of course a huge dose of Star Wars. Every single bird is now a part of the universe, equipping new powers and abilities; from the ability to use a lightsaber while your bird is in mid air, to the use of the force, it's all here and it's insanely fun. Every ability works great and with the option to slash a lightsaber or shoot a gun whenever you want, there are even more ways to finish a level than before and point out new challenges for yourself.

There are however a few problems with the randomness of the levels; sometimes a level will require you to boost your bird while a cannon is shooting and hit the beam at the exact time for your bird to go with it, which can take a while to get right; problems aside those are only a couple of levels, and once you complete them no one forces you to replay them again. You no longer have golden eggs to collect, instead you unlock more bonus stages as you get more stars, which is okay ,but it could be a downsider for those who were hoping that golden statues of Yoda were scattered across the levels.

Image 8

Believe it or not, the game does look slightly clearer, with amazing backgrounds ,especially in the Path of the Jedi level pack. When the idea was first made public no one could imagine how birds can be look like Luke or Princess Leia, surprising enough they look amazing and fun to play with, it's like every time you look at one, it's screaming "Shoot me towards that storm trooper!". Everything else related to Star Wars looks great, and Rovio made a great job implementing the Star Wars universe into Angry Birds.

Image 9

There are no huge improvements in sound from what Angry Birds Space already had, however the sound effects have been changed to accommodate to the Star Wars universe, and they're amazing, especially the sound of the force effect while the whole game slows down and objects start floating. The theme is of course the Star Wars theme song, while some other songs from Angry Birds Space and a couple of new ones make the background soundtrack during the actual play.

Image 9

As any Angry Birds game, you still have access to leaderboards, bonus stages and challenge yourself to collect as many stars as you can, however the game's price has been bumped a little, and Rovio has announced that bonus level packs will no longer be free, well at least the first ones. The base levels available with the game are in a lower number as well, so you get less content for more money, speaking about Rovio trying to milk the fans for money.

Image 7

Angry Birds Star Wars is a nice addition to the franchise, simply because bonding Star Wars with Angry Birds worked so well, at least on some sides. Beware however that you now get less content for more money, but even so it's less than a pound, so if you like Angry Birds or Star Wars this is a must try.

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