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[iOS/Android] Bad Piggies

by Nighthawk » Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:40 am

Bad Piggies
Publisher: Rovio Entertainment
Developer: Rovio Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle
Release Dates: September 27, 2012 (NA & EU)
Price: 0.69£


Since the release of Angry Birds back in 2009, Rovio Entertainment has become a standard example to follow in the mobile game industry, creating successful sequels and bringing new forms of entertainment to your mobile devices. Bad Piggies is a spin-off to the Angry Birds franchise, giving you the chance to play with the pigs in their quest to steal the birds' eggs, creating a fresh experience from what you are used to in Angry Birds. Your objective is to build crazy and complex pieces of machinery, power them up and guide them towards the course and reach the finish line where a piece of the map awaits you.

The story-side point is simple, as the pigs you need to collect all the map pieces to uncover the location of the eggs, but that is only a cover for what Bad Piggies tries to accomplish. An important note would be that fact that this is not an Angry Birds game, the birds are nowhere to be seen during the playthrough, and your only enemy is the map itself, giving you a challenge both in the ways you construct your machinery and how you control it later. The game uses the already famous piggies from Angry Birds more for publicity purposes, as the game itself introduces mobile gaming to a brand new experience that could be a success just as big as Angry Birds. The story is still there just because of reasons, but it's a cover good enough to justify the fun this game brings, just remember that if you're looking for another Angry Birds game, this isn't it.

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As I've probably said three times by now, this is not another Angry Birds title, especially by the means of gameplay. You start each level by constructing your vehicle, using a vast inventory of items, from wheels to balloons, being able to create almost everything you can possibly imagine in such a game. When your vehicle is complete, it's time to let it roll, but don't breathe yet, you still have control it all the way to the finish line; you can use engines, balloons, fans and all of them can be turned on or off easily from the interface below the action screen. Timing the use of those pieces is the key to success in Bad Piggies, having the correct blueprint for a level doesn't guarantee success unless you know how to control your newly created vehicle in the course.

The concept is amazing enough to refresh the idea of mobile gaming, however during some levels the timing for turning on or off a certain piece of machinery has to be perfect, which can become frustrating after a while. Same as in the Angry Birds franchise, each level awards you up to 3 stars, but his time award each star requires you to complete a certain objective: reach the finish line without losing any piece of equipment, make it without using this or that, and so on. A great addition to Bad Piggies is the Sand Box, which gives you the ability to use items you have unlocked during your playthrough to build enormous machines to control around a course as you have to collect 20 prize boxes. This is a great addition for anyone who likes to create stuff and it offers a great replay value as you'll need to replay each course multiple times to collect all boxes.

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The graphic design doesn't differ that much from Angry Birds, even the menu interface looks similar; the game still have that cartoon-ish look, with the same animations system introduced between the levels. While the design itself isn't bad and somehow looks more detailed than some Angry Birds titles, the same design is overly used for most of the game. Even in a different level pack it won't be long until you notice the similarity to previous levels, which is sorta disappointing, considering the awesome designs Rovio made for titles like Angry Birds Rio.

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The sound quality is just as good as in any Angry Birds game to date, and the sound effects fit perfectly into the ambient, with a few minor exceptions when sound distorts from multiple effects charged at once. The soundtrack is nice, especially the intro theme that reminder me of Wacky Racers, maybe combined with a bit of The Flintstones as well. The background music while playing is okay, but it does get repetitive after a while.

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The 3 stars objective is still here, and since the challenges are fun to do, you'll probably return to collect more stars later. There are 60 main levels to complete, with the addition of Sandbox Extras and probably later on some extra packs available for purchase. While the amount of content isn't as huge as expected, the low price makes it a must try for everyone who likes puzzle games or creation games.

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Bad Piggies is a great a great example of how Rovio Entertainment can create unique experiences outside the Angry Birds franchise and a must have for those seeking challenge on their mobile devices. While the game is not as packed with features as you would have expected, it's still a great deal to try a new form of entertainment on the go, and as we know Rovio, more level packs will probably be released in the upcoming weeks anyway.

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