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[3DS] SpeedX 3D

by Nighthawk » Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:12 am

SpeedX 3D
Developer: Gamelion Studios
Publisher: Gamelion Studios
Genre: Racing/Arcade
Release Dates: August 30, 2012 (EU & NA)
Price: 2.70£


It's been some time ago when SpeedX has launched for Android and since then it has been bought by over 10 million people across Android compatible devices, now for the first time the SpeedX experience is available on the Nintendo 3DS giving the 3D in its name a whole new level of perspective. The menus are simple, typical for a portable experience, you tap two buttons and you're ready to go, which is a good thing considering that this is an arcade game. The purpose of this game is to avoid all obstacles that come in your way and last as long as you can or until the level is finished.

The game has 4 playable modes, Stages which is simply a random popup of obstacles with a determined finished line after a certain distance, Endless Mode which is basically the same thing but without any finish line trying to stay alive as long as you can, the Survival Mode which is the same as the Endless Mode without the use of shields, and the Zones Mode where you have to collect fuel in order to keep moving. In Stages Mode the difficulty is increasing by progressing through levels, the first ones being easy for even the most inexperienced player and up to the late ones which prove to be quite challenging. In the other 3 modes you can choose from one of the four difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard & Insane and same as before the Insane difficulty will give troubles even to the best players.

Image 9

The game is fun and accessible, always ready for a round on the go, while in the bus or waiting for the tram to arrive and even if it doesn't seem like much it will keep you occupied for some time, although I wish they would've extended that period by adding some upgrades to your spaceship or whatever it is that you're controlling, considering the fact that the game has been out for some time on the Android and they did have a lot of feedback on it. You can control the game by using either the 3DS gyroscope or the circle pad, but since we all know the 3D effect can't be used effectively while moving your head around it's best to go for the circle pad control.

Apart from the move left/ move right scheme in order to avoid obstacles the game also offers special events from time to time such as Gravity Well which makes the directions harder to control or Black Out which disables the colors guiding you to the obstacles. Apart from those events there are also power-ups which you collect along the way and also have different effects on the game such as Earthquakes which destroys the obstacles in your way. Again, the game is fun to play, but I wish they would've added more powers or upgrades to extend the gameplay.

Image 8.5

There's nothing shocking about graphics in this game, especially cause it's a remake of the Android Version in 3D, but it does suffice to stand among other 3DS eShop titles. What is more impressing is that the 3D effect is actually pretty good and somehow it's helping during your play, appreciating the distance between you and the obstacle in 3D does make it easier to avoid and fair enough to say it is cool and pleasing to watch.

Image 8.5

There's not much of a soundtrack here, just a very long trance track that keeps repeating itself. On one hand the electronic music does go well with the game, but it will get boring after a while since it's basically the same instrumental on every single level. The sound effects are good, nothing impressive though, a little "bang" for crashing a little "yee" for making it through. Same thing as the gameplay, it was good before, but considering they've had some time porting it to the 3DS they could've added more tracks and effects to the game before releasing it on the Nintendo eShop.

Image 7

As I said, there are 4 game modes which will keep you entertained for a while, and also an option which tracks your stats, but the online leaderboards are absent from the game, which is kinda bad cause it would be fun to track your times and scores and compare them with your friends. Instead the game tracks how many time you completed each mode, which is basically useless. Apart from that there's not much to find in the game, but you can get it for only 2.70£ which isn't much of a loss and it's worth it, especially if you're used to having 10 minute breaks here and there with nothing to do in that time.

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This probably won't be the best Nintendo eShop hit, but it's fun to play on the go when there's nothing else to do and to be honest for only 2.70£ you get a few hours of enjoyable fun, but don't expect it to last forever, it does get boring and repetitive after a while.

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